On loving what you do & things that matter most of all

nothing_left_unsaidWe flew home from Manila to Nashville a few days ago.  On the long flight from Tokyo to Atlanta, I was browsing through the movies trying to decide which one to watch and stumbled across “Nothing Left Unsaid.”

In this movie, Anderson Cooper interviews his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt,  about her life and accomplishments.  The movie was filled with old photos and stories of her childhood and the custody battle when she was a child,  and then her very colorful and accomplished life though the years.  Though she has accomplished much in her life,  and was born into a life of great wealth and privilege, she has experienced so much sadness and loss too.  Yet in spite of all the sorrow in her life, she continues to go into her art studio every day and do what she loves to do.   And she is 91.

I hope at 91, I am still getting up every day and doing what I am called to do.

The movie inspired me. But it also made me so very sad as it made no mention of her spiritual life.  I wonder if anyone has ever shared with her the good news of the gospel.  I wonder if she is familiar with John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”  I wonder if she has any idea how much God loves her and that Jesus came to earth and died and rose again so that she could know Him and be forgiven for her sins.  Her accomplishments here on earth will not matter in eternity.  All that will matter in eternity is if she put her faith in Jesus and what He did for her on the cross.  And that is all that matters for any of us.  Regardless of wealth or status or nationality, Jesus died for all. And we must acknowledge our sin and our need for a Savior and put our faith in Christ. May we all live for Him and for His glory and tell everyone the glorious good news of the gospel.

And I pray for Ms. Vanderbilt and Mr. Cooper, that they will come to know and understand the greatest love of all and put their faith in Christ.

4 thoughts on “On loving what you do & things that matter most of all”

  1. Very encouraging.. Thank you for reminding us what really matters.. Not our accomplishments but our faith in God and if we are doing what he called us to do.

  2. I do hope Ms Vanderbilt and Mr Cooper realize that there is a God that loves them so much. I hope to catch this movie.

  3. Very inspiring thnks devorah for the word of God and for visiting the Philippines God bless america Israel and philippines may it produced God fearing loving people to share boldly the love of Christ to the world… shalom

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