Let It Rain! (South African Bush, Day 1)

Let It Rain! (South African Bush, Day 1)

This week we have the privilege of taking a few days off in the bush of South Africa.  There is currently a drought and it is so dry and barren as you look across the wide open spaces.  Rain is expected in  a few days and if it rains enough, it will turn green within a few short days.

Makes me think about my soul. Sometimes we feel like we are in a long dry spell where drought-like conditions prevail.  Perhaps we are too busy, too tired, overworked, overwhelmed, financially strapped, anxious and the list goes on and on.  All of these can create drought in our spiritual lives.  We read the Bible but it just seems like words on a page rather than God speaking to our hearts.  We pray but don’t feel anything at all. Yet if we persist the rain will come.

Just as the rain will come to the bush here in South Africa and refresh the earth and the rivers and all the living creatures, so in its season we will once again experience the refreshing presence of the Holy Spirit speaking to us as we read the Word and pray.  We must be faithful to be available, to make the time every day and come to Jesus.  And trust that in due time, the rain will come, the drought will end and our souls will be refreshed and restored once again.

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